The Fish festival brings together families, business community and corporates to celebrate Uganda and its diversity of fish species. Uganda is one of the most blessed destinations in the world with great water bodies that are a habitat for a diversity of fish species.


The 1st fish festival took place in December at Entebbe zoo. The 2nd edition has been brought close to the city lovers of Fish right here at Uganda Museum come 5th May. At the fish festival we shall have restaurants and hotels exhibit the best of their fish menu. they will show case their cookery skills. They will prepare fish in different forms say fillet, fish balls, fish pizza, grilled, smoked, Ekikalayi ekibeero among other forms including Chinese approach to fish preparation. Over 100 fish types /species will be on display for purchase in ready to eat form and raw.

Go fish will offer an opportunity to the fans to pick live fish of their choice and prepared in the desired form. Fish types will include Tylapia , Nile patch, mud fish , Angara , silver fish among others. Fans will have an opportunity network with the entire fish supply chain from fisher men, farmers, investors and researchers to allow them deliberate on every ones role in ensuring sustainable supply. All this will happen on 5th May at Uganda Museum with plenty of entertainment , a lot of fish and drinks to dismantle.

Families, business and corporate communities shall be there, they will have an opportunity to share yet another unique experience to Uganda Fish, the best fish in the world.