The “I Live for You” singer is reported to have opened up an assault and theft case under case number CRB353/18 at Kabalagala police over what transpired at Chicken Tonight Muyenga branch on the 14th of April 2018.

According to Allan Katatumba (Angella Katatumba’s brother), Angella who was in the company of her Jamaican friend “Kuzi Kz” visited Chicken tonight on that fateful day at around 4am for a late night snack after spending the whole day recording their latest collaboration “Out of My Head” at Baltmor records.
On making their orders, Kuzi requested for ketchup of which the waiter brought him both ketchup and chilli, not being familiar with the Ugandan way of branding, he sought clarification from waiter which of the two contained ketchup.

Unfortunately, the waiter pointed out one with chilli making him pour an inedible amount.
On realizing it, Angella and Kuzi got frustrated and approached the counter raising their complaint to the manager on duty who was dead asleep behind the counter. He walked towards them without giving them a chance to raise their concern and told them to walk out.

Further agitated with the way the matter was being handled, Angella told them of how unprofessional they were acting thus raging the manager, who went ahead and instigated his two employees; Okirot Denis (watch man) and Kaddu John (waiter) who started beating Kuzi in attempt to push him out of the place.

Angella intervened in the scuffle trying to save Kuzi from the Chicken Tonight employee’s wrath but sadly, ended up being caught in between; where they started pouncing on her face forcing her to leave her bag behind. The watchman further pushed Angella down as she tried to make her way out and with all his might grabbed a dustbin full of garbage and hit her face with it.

She fell on her back and lost consciousness for a few minutes. After gaining ground, she made her way to the car where the Chicken Tonight manager Olubwroth Ochoka handed over her bag, on getting home that’s then she realized her 6.2 million shillings was missing and the only prime suspect that ran to her mind was the manager.

“I humbly prevail upon the justice system in Uganda to take drastic action against these criminals who acted with impunity, almost amounting to attempted murder”, Allan further said in a media post.

By Busulwa Rebecca