Joanne Ainabyona.

In case you missed it, the Uganda Media Centre hosted the 2nd African Primatological Conference on the 28th of August. The event was graced by the presence of Minister of Tourism Ephraim Kamuntu. The conference was hosted with the intention of figuring out ways of conservation of primates to avoid their extinction from the world in the future.
Primates are an order of mammals that includes monkeys’ apes and humans. Considering that we both fall in the same category of mammals the threats to our lives are similar especially the diseases like Ebola, Measles, Scabies, etc
Uganda the Pearl of Africa has an approximate number of 500 chimpanzees and 400 monkeys, golden monkeys is also one of the many outstanding primates in Uganda. Conservation of all these come with a number of purposes which include, apes can be used for research purposes, genetics study, and human behavior.

Speaking about conservation of the environment, Minister Kamuntu teased that if every church that celebrates Christmas would plant a tree each year, the world would have 2019 trees planted already. He emphasized that planting trees is going to help carve out global warming. He added that influencers have great capabilities of bringing more tourists to the country, for they influence more of the public opinion.
When asked about the possible threats to primates Dr. Gladys Kalema Zikusooka, the vice president of the Africa Primatological Society outlined that habitat destruction due to overpopulation, diseases which are usually spread from humans to the animals which makes humans a threat to the apes’ chimpanzees and monkeys.
Organizations such as Conservation Through Public Health has been created, its an organization that promotes biodiversity conservation by enabling people and gorillas to coexist through improving their health and livelihoods in and around Africas protected areas. This is among the policies curving down the spread of diseases from humans to the primates.

The tourism minister Mr. Kamuntu Ephrahim also went on to reveal that the second Primatological Society Conference will be held at the Imperial Botanical Beach Hotel in Entebbe from 2nd to 6th September. The theme of the conference will be centered around the Primate Conservation in Africa, the challenges and opportunities.
The event is to have various primatologists from all over Africa with Dr. Kalema as the moderator, and having Uganda as the host, with all its rich primate diversity, the tourism sector has a large chance of remaining one of the most competitive tourist attraction centers in Africa and the world all over.