CHEZA DANCE IDOLS is a highly contested dance competition gala that brings the best youthful dance groups from all over Uganda to entertain and showcase skill as they compete for prestige and a grand prize in what is yet to be the most competitive dance entertainment battle in East Africa. The regionals are slated for October and the grand finale in November every year. The competitions are unique in a way that will help the youth mitigate some of the vices they face such as; drug abuse, permissive sexual behavior, alcohol abuse, sibling rivalry, and unemployment and through this competitive, thrilling masterpiece “Cheza Dance Idols”

Cheza Dance Idols is being organized by Brand Ambassadors 256 as the media partner.

The project is sustainable in a way that it will aim to create awareness of the talent the youth possess where the top three teams will be involved a movie aiming to showcase some or all of the vices above.

Brand ambassadors 256 has the over the years harnessed competencies to write, screen direct and produce mini movies to this effect.


  • To offer a platform of stardom and prominence to dancers and choreographers.
  • Employment to artists, mainly from economically underprivileged backgrounds, through the professional dance, and provide on job training opportunities for further career paths in the arts industry.
  • To collaborate with local and international artists in order to implement collaborative performances in Uganda.
  • To maintain artistic excellence through competitive performances.
  • To give a baseline and sense of confidence to professional dancers and performers.
  • To develop and sustain new audiences especially through outreach performances and interactive dance and creative movement workshops in schools and community centers.
  • To develop performances that are meaningful and appropriate to the life experience of the communities, including issues such as gender abuse, unemployment, HIV and AIDS among others.

This project will be targeting the youths and encouraging others on the street with a passion to dance to desist from deviant behaviors and harness their talents for a brighter and more informed future. Pictures and winning teams from the event, through structured agreements, can be exclusively used by the sponsor/ partner as success stories that will inspire other youth as well as for their marketing Ad campaigns.