CHOCOLATE SAFARIS is the first African (Ugandan) tour operative to completely enrich the principles of Captivating, Accountable and Responsible Tourism. Tourism that gives tourists memorable experiences and opportunities that strengthen their relationship with the communities they visit.

We are continuously increasing resourceful and fresh adventure travel occasions in Africa to achieve our mission. We operate in partnership with a variety of reputable credible partners in providing countless facets for our programs.

To enrich lives by creating distinctive and interactive  travel experiences which are enjoyable, reasonably priced, maintainable and uphold the diverse Natural, historic and cultural values of our country.


We envision being a trusted and respected world class Travel Agency recognized by those we serve with captivating Travel Solution.

Our aim is to facilitate and uphold the objectives of Responsible Tourism through the creation of vital partnerships, which provide benefit to local communities and support projects involved in cultural environmental and biodiversity preservation.

We are dedicated to a leisure and vacation industry that does not impact negatively either on local people and/or delicate ecosystems, but instead, inspires our travellers to respect and conserve our planet for future generations.

Founders, Bismac Moses Amumpaire, is a dynamic travel personality who also doubles as a Travel Journalist for Over nine years in both general journalism and tour operations.  Bismac has acquired vast experience in responsible tourism curtsy of the motivation, and hence cofounded this unique tour and travel company with his spouse Nabbasa Innocent who is the managing director.


  • Cooperate Excursions and Team Building
  • Business Tourism and Sustainable Tourism.
  • Faith Based Tourism
  • Adventurous activities
  • Culture Preservation.
  • Agro-tourism and Traditional cuisines.
  • Wildlife Safaris and biodiversity
  • Authentic Ugandan fashion and Design
  • Dark Tourism and Historical Sites


There is no better way of actually getting to know a community than living with and working alongside them. This is what this life changing experience achieves.  It is not a sanitised commercial tourist experience – it is the real deal. By day you work alongside the community on a project that you and the community have jointly had input into selecting.  By night, participants are ‘billeted’ out in small groups of 2-4 to host families.  This structured programme ensures a meaningful involved authentic cultural experience and a real opportunity to make a difference.

The community pledges ‘sweat equity’ while you vow to fundraise for the project, together the project is undertaken and completed. The goal is for projects to be completed during your stay and if applicable are self-sustainable going forward.  There is scope for projects that can be integrated into an annual visitation regime.

The success of our business is related to how we connect with people. Our entire team of sales and travel consultants, administration staff and our guides share the CHOCOLATE SAFARIS vision, but their greatest strength is their ability to reach out to people and share with them their passion for Uganda’s people, wildlife and wilderness areas. Our guides are the backbone of our business and are all highly experienced with relevant qualification.

CHOCOLATE SAFARIS is the ideal travel partner in two core markets; Academic field trips for tertiary education institutions and Youth Development Programmes for secondary schools, on a fully escorted, guided basis.

Uganda is an amazing location for educational field trips, particularly those based on personal developments, adventurous activities, wildlife, biodiversity, conservation, environmental studies, agricultural, anthropology, archaeology, developing world economies and sustainable tourism, to name a few.

The combination of Africa’s best wildlife destinations, oldest wilderness areas, vast open spaces, diverse landscapes, vibrant traditional cultures and first world infrastructure, makes Uganda unlike any other African country and creates the opportunity for potentially life changing travel experiences for Tourists and Students