Ekkula is a Ugandan word implying Treasure, Pearl of Africa stands to imply the most elegant Nation on this majestic Continent of Africa. Tourism Festival is an activity where stakeholders in the tourism industry are recognized and awarded accordingly.Inspiring, ivigorating, Unapologetic, refreshing, full-of-life art , culture and above all tourism.

Uganda’s Regional Clusters are getting more active in tourism Initiatives like Tulambule, BodaBoda Tours, Kampala by Night, birding just to mention a few.

Also tourism relations with other East African countries like Kenya, Rwanda and South Sudan have been strengthened and hence relevant stakeholders have been invited to partner and grace the event. More youths are increasingly appreciating Uganda’s richness of Nature that has led to a big rise in domestic tourism which gives a new edge of hope in the Industry and Uganda’s Tourism Status at large.


To Celebrate and Motivate Stakeholders in the tourism industry as we promote Uganda’s wealth of attractions and further  justify  Uganda as a true Nation Gifted by Nature-The Pearl of Africa.


To see more people motivated and involved in Uganda’s Tourism as the Industry further impacts Ugandans in Uganda and those in the diaspora both economically and socially.

The idea of Exhibiting, Recognizing and hence Awarding those that selflessly serve for the good of this industry was birthed from a number of reasons as stipulated below,

  • Need for Motivation to key players both known and Unsung heroes like investors, tour guides, tour and travel companies, photographers among others.
  • Having a sense of unity as stakeholders meet to cheer up as we celebrate the cream of the cream in the Pearl of Africa and East Africa’s Tourism industry.
  • The presence of other Tourism Awards like World Tourism Awards, African Diaspora World Tourism Awards and Expo, Indaba Travel Awards of South Africa among others motivated us to come up with Ekkula PAT Awards & Exhibition, which is to happen for the 3rd time in Uganda and so believed to inspire others.

From these reasons, adequate research has been made to conduct these Exhibitions and Awards with collaboration and guidance from the Ministry of Tourism Wildlife and Antiquities and its Agencies.

About Uganda’s Tourism Offering

Statistics from Uganda Bureau of Statistics (2016) show that in regard to thoughts and experiences about tourism, awareness about tourism was high (97%). The results indicated that awareness of all types of tourism; sports, religious increases with increase in age, but more profoundly within the 21 and 50 years old. Majority of those who agreed that most people of their age promoted tourism were 21 year olds representing 47.6%. The personality traits formed the basis for which the youth think their age-mates promote or think of promoting tourism. Reading and watching any tourism material and videos/ documentaries respectively was reported by 14% of the youth who indicated that they had tried to read magazines and watch documentaries about Uganda’s tourism. Majority of those who reported to have tried to promote tourism on digital platforms were 21 years old (20.5%) followed by 30 year olds (16.4%). Predominantly across all the ages, respondents between 21 -40 years have tried enhance Uganda’s tourism offering.

Criteria of Awarding Nominees in the Ekkula Pearl of Africa Tourism Awards

  • Our Scouting team will carry out a ground work survey both online and on social media together with reviews and advice from the Ministry of Tourism, Wildlife and Antiquities and its relevant Agencies.
  • Then a report of proposed nominees will be handed over to the Panel of Judges and later notified and announced to the public for online voting.
  • Voting will be through our online website and sms platform which will account for 50% of the votes and the remaining 50% will be upon the Judges.

Judges base their verdict on the following

  • If the facility/Stakeholder promotes Uganda as a top tourist destination alongside his/her/its private facility or services.
  • The Stakeholder’s/Facility’s level of service to Tourists.
  • How the facility/stakeholder gives back to the community.
  • How the facility/stakeholder impacts the community positively.
  • Does the stakeholder/facility promote domestic tourism as much as international tourism?
  • Ethics and professionalism exhibited by the facility/Stakeholder.
  • Feedback and reviews from visitors from notable travel websites like trip advisor.
  • Conservation and Culture preservation.

Measurement and Evaluation (M&E)

The organization has an existing Measurement and Evaluation and reporting (M&E) capability and can demonstrate a robust process around tracking quality impacts over the short, medium and long term

The M&E function works within the organisation and is both systematized and/or people based including outsourced

The system for tracking has the ability to track unique, specific beneficiaries throughout a multi-year initiative