Ekkula is a Ugandan word implying Treasure, Pearl of Africa stands to imply the most elegant Nation on this majestic Continent of Africa. Tourism Festival is an activity where stakeholders in the tourism industry are recognized and awarded accordingly.Inspiring, ivigorating, Unapologetic, refreshing, full-of-life art , culture and above all tourism.

Uganda’s Regional Clusters are getting more active in tourism Initiatives like Tulambule, BodaBoda Tours, Kampala by Night, birding just to mention a few.

Also tourism relations with other East African countries like Kenya, Rwanda and South Sudan have been strengthened and hence relevant stakeholders have been invited to partner and grace the event. More youths are increasingly appreciating Uganda’s richness of Nature that has led to a big rise in domestic tourism which gives a new edge of hope in the Industry and Uganda’s Tourism Status at large.


To Celebrate and Motivate Stakeholders in the tourism industry as we promote Uganda’s wealth of attractions and further  justify  Uganda as a true Nation Gifted by Nature-The Pearl of Africa.


To see more people motivated and involved in Uganda’s Tourism as the Industry further impacts Ugandans in Uganda and those in the diaspora both economically and socially.