Miss Tourism Rwenzori is an annual Regional Pageant that seeks to give a human face to Rwenzori region’s tourism strengths through pageantry by engaging talented young ladies to unveil a passion for promoting their Region both locally and internationally.

Founded in 2014 Miss Tourism Rwenzori Region is a registered legal entity recognised by the Ministry of Tourism Wildlife and Antiquities and International Franchise holder Miss Tourism Uganda as the twelfth regional cluster in Uganda.

It covers all the tourism hot spots and people within and around the Rwenzori Region.

Among the tribes that are within this region are, the Batwa,theBakonjo, the Bamba, the Basongola,Banyabindi,Batuku and other inbornes of the theRwenzori region.

Our Regional Strategic assignment is to rally people towards the Promotion of six key Tourism Development pillars identified as:

  1. Peace Building.
  2. Celebrating Cultural Diversity.
  3. Elevation of the Girl Child.
  4. Hospitality of our People.
  5. Promotion of Domestic Tourism
  6. Conservation of Wildlife.


To bring the people of Rwenzoritogether in festivity and appreciation of our tourism attractions, cultural diversity, wildlife conservation while endorsing Venture opportunities and unsurpassed environmentally friendly practices through Pageantry.


Being Rwenzori Region’s Best Pageant Supporting Enhanced Livelihood through conservation strategies and Elevation of Tourism Activities.

We have established a unique Tourism policy that has attracted Regional, National and international support especially from the Rwenzori youths.


  1. Tobuilda sustainableTourism beauty Pageant in the Rwenzori Region.
  2. To create a platform where the youth in in this region can acquire knowledge about tourism as one of the major source of revenue for the country’s GDP
  3. To nurture the youth to grow with confidence, goal-setting, public speaking, communication skills and self-discipline.
  4. Helping the underprivileged people by engaging the tourism ambassadors in different charity projects across the region and the country at large.
  5. To promote and encourage inter-cultural exchange amongst the youth through using the miss tourism platform
  6. To celebrate unity and togetherness amongst the people of the Rwenzori Region as this is a union project that is not only meant to entertain people but unite people with respect of diversity of cultures that will excel in crating the much needed awareness about tourism in the Rwenzori Region, Uganda and on the international scene.
  7. To showcase the beauty of Rwenzori Region through pageantry to all Ugandans and the rest of the world
  8. To collaborate with the community, other tourism stakeholders, clusters,NGO’s Government and International agencies in promote tourism within and beyond the Rwenzori region.