Founded in 2018, the Miss Uganda Canada was established with the aim of celebrating the Ugandan woman while appreciating the beauty, talent, skills and other unique attributes and goals she exhibits. We plan to achieve our goal through the Miss Uganda Canada Pageant Event where contestants will be given the opportunity to demonstrate their physical, cultural and intellectual attributes as we choose a goodwill ambassador who will represent Miss Uganda Canada Pageant and Uganda as a whole on a positive limelight.

The Miss Uganda Canada Pageant is also a humanitarian pageant providing a unique opportunity for these beauty queens to not just showcase their beauty to the world but also make a positive impact in their communities by supporting causes and platforms that they are passionate about


To unite and support young Ugandan women living, working or studying
in CANADA achieve their educational and leadership goals by promoting awareness of global issues, exchange tourism programs and their cultural heritage.


We envision better Uganda-CANADA relations through an empowered pageant that collaborates all participating parties, availing all participating ladies an avenue where they can express themselves freely while exercising their developmental and patriotic goals.