The Miss Uganda-China is a registered legal entity initiative that seeks to improve China-Uganda relations through identification, appreciation, training and support through empowerment of young Ugandan women residing, working and study in China. The initiative is themed on harnessing their unique position, talents and connection to promote Uganda in China through raising awareness of, building engagement around and conversion of more visitors to the Pearl of Africa. This is to be executed through engaging them in development programs and events that will enhance their skills and educational background for the wellbeing of society and hence growth within the Diaspora through charitable work.


To unite and support young Ugandan women living, working or studying
in CHINA achieve their educational and leadership goals by promoting awareness of global issues, exchange tourism programs and their cultural heritage.


We envision better Uganda-China relations through an empowered pageant that collaborates all participating parties, availing all participating ladies an avenue where they can express themselves freely while exercising their developmental and patriotic goals.