We are your creative partner and reliable consultants to develop your business.

We help brands grow with a clear voice and a story worth telling. We Strive to become the top creative force behind you and your company.

Our Story.

Brandambassadors256 is a creative and digital agency based in Uganda. From the process, we want to be transforming better together with the team, clients, and also with our audiences. We are made of people that always increase something, increase knowledge, experience, and creativity. But there is one that we don’t want to increase, that is Customer Dissatisfaction.

At Brandambassadors256, we enjoy every process of our work because creativity is about the process of creating new things that provide a solution and with a growth mindset, conquering challenges, breaking boundaries, making mistakes and having fun, we can transform you better together.

Young. Energetic. Creative. Fun. Professional.


We want to let your company evolve.

We are not a product, but we are a process. We want to let your company evolve. By evolving, your company may have a bigger opportunity to advance. By having bigger opportunities, your company may reach milestones that have never been reached before. After all the milestones your company has reached, certainly your company will

be the best version of it. This is why we create our METAdology. Our complex METAdology is Measure, Elaborate, Transform, and Achieve. We measure what client’s needs, find out every piece of details needed for the transformation, execute the “well-prepared” plan and achieve the result of the process.

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